Disco Demolition Night
Thursday, July 12, 1979

Written and Compiled By Victor Modlinski

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Photo By Victor Modlinski

On July 12, 1979, Disco Demolition Night was held at the old Comiskey Park... the South Side home of the Chicago White Sox.

Disco Demolition Night Photos

Photos By Victor Modlinski

You could get into Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park by paying 98 cents and providing a disco record for the demolition ceremony. It was quite a night and we were all fortunate to get out without any injuries or encounters with law enforcement.

Regardless of what the media may have said... this was a peaceful protest when compared to some of the protests held in 2020.

Records were blown up and a huge burn stain was created in right center field.

The White Sox forfeited the second game of the doubleheader...

... and Disco was Demolished.

The Elmhurst History Museum Exhibit

Photos By Victor Modlinski

In June to October, 2017, the Elmhurst History Museum had a special exhibit about Disco Demolition. It had many photos, videos and artifacts from the event on display. I was able to attend and take many photos to document the exhibit.

They did a great job in recreating the feel of the moment, with many images, documents and artifacts from the event and the aftermath.

It was truly a once in a lifetime exhibit and an opportunity well done!

Insane Coho Lips Forever!

Steve Dahl & Garry Meier.

The Insane Coho Commanders.

Photos By Victor Modlinski

Steve Dahl and Garry Meier.
Events and Photos.

Steve & Garry at ChicagoFest

Skating Star JoJo Starbuck

Coho Breakfast Club

Blues Brothers Movie Premier

First Annual LoopFest

"I Was A Card Carrying Coho"

My Personal Disco Demolition Journey.
By Victor Modlinski.

Photos By Victor Modlinski

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